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Qualcomm launches 5G-enabled Snapdragon 855 processor for smartphones

Qualcomm launches 5G-enabled Snapdragon 855 processor for smartphones

SAN FRANCISCO: Chip supplier Qualcomm Inc on Tuesday unveiled a new generation of mobile phone processor chips that will power 5G smartphones in the United States as soon as next year.

The key feature of the Snapdragon 855 chip, launched at an event in Hawaii, is a so-called modem for phones to connect to 5G wireless data networks with mobile data speeds of up to 50 or 100 times faster than current 4G networks.

Mobile carriers are investing in 5G networks and are eager to sell 5G phones and data plans to recoup investment costs.

Qualcomm, the largest supplier of mobile phone chips, said Snapdragon 855 would power Samsung 5G smartphones that Verizon Communications Inc and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd said on Monday would be released in the United States in the first half of 2019.

The modem would also enable “computer vision” to help phones recognize objects and faces and support a new Qualcomm fingerprint sensor that can read a user’s fingerprint through the glass screen of a smartphone.

The Samsung phone would be a major challenge for Apple Inc, its biggest rival in the premium handset market in the United States as the iPhone maker is locked in a legal battle with Qualcomm. Citing sources familiar with the matter, Bloomberg reported on Monday that Apple would wait until at least 2020 to release its first 5G iPhones.



  1. The late August launch/inaugural of 5G spectrum by Huawei technologies beta trail/launch of 5G in Pakistan to demonstrate the regulatory authority, the Government, and the few the depth of the 5G.
    Qualcomm support to the 5G sector for the assembly of 5G handset with Samsung could be a winning situation. With tremendous support of Qualcomm in Pakistan with the products of Qualcomm very successful in the Middle East region will bring a major change.
    A discussion can be arranged with the regulatory authority and Qualcomm and how this could play a role to develop the region and the countries within. Best wishes

  2. Qualcomm should give a serious consideration to launch the processor and the assembly of iPhone in Pakistan for domestic market, as there’s a serious and huge preference to the iPhone. Local assembly of iPhone for the domestic market would save the consumer from heavy customs duty, taxes. The large segment of Android could not switch over as the price of iPhone was very highafter paying of taxes.
    A very important tip which Qualcomm may consider is local assembly and sale would also open a market for the regional markets with bilateral treaty between the countries qualifies for tax free access to the countries as China per se. Details can be shared further when the delegation meets us in Pakistan.

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