Electric Vehicle buyers exempt from ‘gaari ki treat’ under new policy

The influx of heavily discounted Electric Vehicles (EV) into the Pakistani automotive market is all set to increase as the Federal Government yesterday further tweaked its highly effective EV policy by exempting EV buyers from ‘gaari ki treat (GKT)’.

Barring unforeseen circumstances such as an accident within the first week of purchase, the GKT is an unavoidable surcharge payable on all types of new cars, usually in the form of an expensive dinner, a night out or both.

“This is an excellent initiative by a government that is focused and determined in its pursuit of a greener Pakistan. This exemption will not only encourage more buyers to opt for EVs but will indirectly reduce ‘boys’ plans’ to unnecessarily socialize during a this dangerous third wave of Covid-19”, explained Younis Niazi, a proud new owner of an EV who was yet to pay GKT on his new vehicle.

At press time, a large collection of new petrol/diesel car purchasers followed by a much larger mob of friends of EV buyers had descended upon Charring Cross Lahore to protest against the excessive discounts being provided to EV purchasers.

“So you’re telling me that just because someone, probably that degenerate Science and Technology Minister Mr. What’s his face, woke up one day and decided to abolish the GKT for one section of the market, I am supposed to cancel my booking at Karachi BBQ rooftop that took me a week to secure? Sorry, but nothing doing. We will challenge this at every forum,”, said a disgruntled protester, recently deprived of his long awaited GKT.

The same person could later be seen making a call to presumably whoever owed him the GKT, saying angrily, “yaar aisay nai hota jaani, phir meiray sei bhi expect na karna…acha pick kar leiga yahaan sei please?”

The Dependent
The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.


  1. The incentives, for adoption of EV as the first EV is a welcome decision to contribution to Climate Change/Environment in Pakistan.
    This is almost global for a tax rebate on EV. We have our haven which is CPEC Zone for local assembly of VW EV for domestic and exports to the US, China, EU, and rest of the world. Thanks PM Imran Khan for the vision.

  2. This is a great incentive, in order to save our environment from pollution due to burning of fossil fuels which is creating hazard with our health

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