Sugar industry’s margins stagnant, even as revenues rise

While some mills have struggled with higher sugarcane costs, others have managed to post higher gross margins and profits

Strong profits at Engro allow Dawood Hercules to pay off debts early

Company plans to pay down entirety of its long-term debt in 2021, at least one year ahead of schedule

Matco Foods investing Rs1.4 billion to enter corn starch business

Plan is part of the company’s aggressive growth strategy to dominate the food commodities business

British investor to take major stake in TPL Life Insurance

TPL is selling over a third of the company to the London-based group that also has investments in Afghanistan

Razor Wars: What does Gillette’s local manufacturing decision mean for its rivals?

Backed by a commitment by Procter & Gamble to invest heavily in local manufacturing, Gillette’s comeback to Pakistani manufacturing may be more long-lasting this time around. But its main rival Treet is not worried

Why Pakistan has been unable to escape its debt trap

The incumbent government had made big promises not to borrow, but they too had to give way to Pakistan’s historic debt trap

Do publicists in Pakistan need public relations?

Does the public relations industry in Pakistan need to take its own advice and explain to its prospective clients what value it offers them?

Pakistani lawn’s biggest market could be in India, but isn’t. Because we can’t have nice things

Over the past two decades, Pakistani lawn has become a $50 million+ market in India, but politics means that Pakistani brands and exporters have found it difficult to grow what could be a lucrative market

Despite the pandemic, Careem managed to have a record year in Pakistan

The Pakistani market accounts for nearly a quarter of total bookings in the region for the ride-hailing giant

Arçelik joint venture may bring Hitachi household electronics to Pakistan

Turkish manufacturer, which owns local market leader Dawlance, entered a joint venture with the Japanese company to manufacture and distribute its products throughout Asia ex-Japan

Invest Capital Investment Bank to be acquired by a Russian-run, Dubai-based cloud-seeding company

Few details are available about the acquiring company, or why it plans to enter the Pakistani market through the acquisition of an investment bank, rather than simply setting up a local subsidiary

Pakistan Oilfields’ new discoveries underscore country’s dwindling reserves

As domestic reserves decline, Pakistan will become increasingly dependent on imported natural gas, unless the country decides to move off hydrocarbons altogether

Pak Datacom’s stock price is soaring, despite dismal results

The stock is up more than 50%, a development management credits to the market’s faith in their announced strategy

Sugar prices may be skyrocketing, but mills like Mirpurkhas Sugar are not seeing higher profits

Politicians are looking for convenient scapegoats when prices rise, but the sugar mills are not hoarding their product, as their depressed margins indicate a rise in production costs

NXT is a Covid-aware smart workplace solution. Will it have a market once the pandemic is over?

Although the company claims that such IT based solutions will be useful even after the pandemic is over, reality is likely to be much more uncertain