Pubg game

Pubg a video playing game which is mostly being played by people in our country. We have our own set of culture and traditions of modesty and respect, but this application is clearly against the values,  and norms of society.The application is being used by children and youngsters a lot.  According to the islam, if anyone plays pubg then he or she is out of the circle of islam because islam says that do not do worship of bulls, but in pubg players are complied to verge infornt of the bulls, and to get power they have to to worship of bulls.It is all muslims monolater of credal that verging  in front of bulls is pantheistical. On the other hand, Islam says “if anyone is married, he or she plays pubg then his or her matrimory will not remains any more, so he or she has to do another matrimory”. Another point of view it has detrimental effects on the minds of young people of pakistan.

In conclusion, I would request the Pakistan telecommunication authority to ban such kinds of  applications which are not according to our culture and our religion .

Nabeel Iqbal

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