Everything for fame

We live in a society where one can get thousands examples of people who are in a search of a chance for being famous. There is no denial that being widely known is accurate and it is not wrong but the ways which most people use for being famous and prominent among the public is what really matters.

Why do we remember Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, and many other peace-abiding people? Not because they wanted the people to admire them actually they wanted the people to live a prosperous life. It simply means, doing something for fame does not worth so, but it worths when it is done for humanity, unity, peace, and prosperity.

Alas, in today’s era most people have created different ways to be known which include social media that ,however, is the fastest way to become famous which includes Tiktok, Facebook, YouTube, twitter, Instagram, etc. But there happens a bundle of wrongs. Really, people try their worse to get famous, they cross the limit of queerness and spread a number of wrongs to gain fame.

Of course, we all like to be known for a specific thing and it is the desire of everyone to be reputed and famed. Unfortunately, most of people fail to be remembered in the history not because they are inefficient actually because of their ways of achieving reputation.

Therefore, we should recognize what is beneficial and what is detrimental as well as while aiming reputation, everybody should fix it in his mind that one can not achieve fame if he works for it. But, he can be honored if he works for peace and prosperity. Thus, we all need to work for the betterment, prosperity and the rights of homo sapiens in order to make the history remember us.

Parvez Moula Bakhsh


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