Students at Aitchison will be taught same curriculum as students of ghost schools, Muraad maintains

Coming down strongly on the reported attempts at non-compliance with the Single National Curriculum (SNC) by Aitchison College, the Punjab Minister for...

Indian govt recruits 500 tonnes of carbon emissions to tweet against Greta Thunberg

The Indian government has stepped up its public diplomacy against the list of international celebrities defending the protesting farmers in New Delhi...

Pakistani lawn’s biggest market could be in India, but isn’t. Because we can’t have nice things

Over the past two decades, Pakistani lawn has become a $50 million+ market in India, but politics means that Pakistani brands and exporters have found it difficult to grow what could be a lucrative market

How much can you make as a social media influencer in Pakistan?

As advertisers grow their media investments in a new generation of brand ambassadors and celebrities, Profit conducted a study to determine just how viable influencer marketing is as a career path in Pakistan

Pakistani cotton is collapsing. What does this mean for farmers and the textile industry?

The country was once one of the largest cotton producers but lately it is finding it hard to meet its cotton production targets, and all the players blame each other

How to turn the PCB into a lean, mean, business machine

Under the leadership of Wasim Khan, Pakistan cricket has taken on a new life. But are the changes making a real impact, or are they mere eyewash?

How to break Pakistan’s Dubai addiction

The rupture in relations between Pakistan and the UAE is bad – both for the country’s citizens and for the government – but it can also be an opportunity for Pakistanis to finally stop using Dubai as a financial haven

Not just another fad: Cloud kitchens are here to stay

Hastened by the coronavirus pandemic, cloud kitchens may revolutionize the way the $20 billion restaurant industry works in Pakistan

The streaming wars have come to Pakistan

It turns out that Pakistanis pay billions of rupee each year to streaming services, defying the stereotype that we do not pay for content. How will that shift the market for content, and for talent in the performing arts?

The Miracle Man at the Bank of Punjab

Zafar Masud survived a plane crash, and the bank he leads barely survived the 2008 financial crisis. Now, he wants to make Pakistan’s largest provincial government-owned bank one of the country’s Big Five banks. Can he pull it off?

The discriminatory hiring practices of Islamic banks: is this the shape of things to come?

Religious dress codes exist for women, but not men. Discrimination against religious minorities can get quite explicit, and even against non-religious Muslims. Will this spread to other parts of Corporate Pakistan?

So you want to buy a bra in Pakistan. What are your options?

The women's undergarments industry in Pakistan is underreported on and under researched. But Pakistani women have more money to spend on quality products now, even if social stigmas persist

The dominance of the Big Five banks is about to be broken

Two banks – Meezan Bank and Bank AL Habib – are knocking at the door of one of Pakistan's most exclusive and powerful clubs. Here is what that means for the country's financial services sector

Naya Pakistan Certificates are ridiculously attractive for investors. But here is why that is bad for Pakistan

The government’s attempts to offer special privileges to expats to lure their dollar deposits is a slap in the face of every hardworking Pakistani who plays by the rules within Pakistan... and is terrible policy even otherwise

What will the Special Economic Zones do for the economy?

For decades SEZs have been touted as a driving force to help the economy. Past experiments have not worked well, will the latest push for them be more successful?