India gets UNSC seat

It is disappointing to learn that India has been awarded a non-permanent membership of the security council for two years. India is a country that has defied UN resolution on Kashmir blatantly for seventy years. People in the Indian held Kashmir are facing the worst of atrocities while the world looked the other way. It has been holding Kashmiris under siege for more than a year now with little reaction from the world leaders. Recently, the Indian army attacked a vehicle of the United Nations carrying its envoy visiting the line of control from Pakistan side. This attack on the UN envoy is very serious and a threat to the organization. The security councils’ job is to resolve disputes between countries with estranged relations. However, it appears that world powers are concerned about their own economies, progress, and the safety of their own people. India having seat on the UNSC places it in an advantageous position in the dispute with Pakistan. Hence their representatives can play an active role to win favors of various countries and seek vote for a permanent seat with veto power. India has longed to destroy Pakistan and seems to be working on this mission. Unfortunately, our leaders have not done anything beyond lip service and fiery speeches. We need to come together as one nation to strengthen our economy and send a strong message to our enemy that we are here to stay, forever, Insha Allah.

Raja Shafaatullah


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  1. Raja Shafaatullah Bro, your baseless cries about India has no taker in world. India wrest the seat at UNSC with 184/192 votes which is highest. Wait and watch for its move for permanent seat. 😁

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