Companies in Hub city

Hub city is an industrial city of Pakistan, after Karachi it is one of the most industrial areas in Pakistan. Hub city is located in Balochistan it connects Sindh and Balochistan. It one of the emerging cities of Pakistan. But it is not getting its fundamental rights by the Government. However, as Government said that place where a company is organized it is up to the company to give electricity. But unfortunately, in Hub there are more than 200 industries are held. Still public is not getting any betterment from them. Local people are unemployed, they move to different industries for work and do not get jobs. As we know that electricity is very expensive a poor can not afford. If companies give free electricity to public it will be a big solution for public. As we go towards companies asking about these issues. They reply that your leaders take money from them about these issues. I request the Government to give free electricity to the public for their sacrifice. They get plots from companies for their betterment.

M Irfan


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