Calculation mistake leads Imran, fellow in-mates gang’s escape tunnel to lead out to guard store room

Another setback for the chairman of the Pakistan Tehrik e Insaaf Imran Khan as the tunnel that he and his gang of inmates at the Attock Jail led to the prison’s guard room instead of merely outside the Attock Jail.

“Yes, we managed to apprehend them,” said Superintendent, Central Prison Haripur. “Well, I can’t pretend to take any credit for it; they dug their way up to the prison guards’ storeroom and dining area.”

Reports coming in from Imran Khan and the prison gang that he had teamed up with (alias Karrak Toos) for the plan and now both parties were extremely disappointed and placing the blame on each other.

“I don’t know this prison well, in fact no one knows this prison as little as I do,” the source quoted Imran Khan as saying. Therefore, he is quoted to have said, he had deferred to the expertise of the gang.

Sources from the gang, however, say that this was not the case and that Khan was trying to direct the dig and threatened to alert the guard if his direction were not to be followed.

Commenting on this, pundit Moeed Pirzada said that we should cut the former prime minister some slack. “He’s just a human. Haven’t we all tried to break out of prison and ended up in the guards room instead?”

The Dependent
The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.


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