A plastic ban of plastic bags

According to a report, the government of Pakistan has ordered the ban of plastic bags since 2006 to save the Earth plus the atmosphere and still the government is ordering. However, plastic bags are still being used unlimitedly.

About 55billion to 112 billion plastic bags are being used by people of Pakistan. However, we are using plastic bags more than our need. People use plastic bags separately for each thing. They don’t throw the plastic bags in dustbins but streets and on roads which causes blockage of pipe lines, pollute the water and air. Lots of times, people throw plastic bags in gutter lines and the gutter comes from pipe lines on roads by which people face difficulties in walking. In some places there are no dustbins, so they throw the garbage and fire them which results in several poisonous gasses that hurt the environment too.

The government should make reusable bags for people so that they can finish using plastic bags.

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Mubarak Baluch Sajidi


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