Injustice with fans 

Muhammad Aamir’s sudden retirement from cricket is a big shock for Aamir’s fans.  Of course, this is bad news for all cricket fans as well.  But apart from all these, Mohammad Aamir’s decision to retire from cricket was not appropriate at all.  Because when Aamir was found guilty of match-fixing, Aamir returned to cricket after his conviction because of his fans.  Aamir’s fans raised their voices everywhere and forced the PCB, including the ICC, to allow him to play.  But now resigning on the basis of resentment from the management is a complete injustice to his fans. This difficult time comes to everyone, so Aamir should fight the situation with courage instead of retiring.  As a fan of Aamir, I request him to announce to play again so that all his fans are not disappointed and at the same time Pakistan is in dire need of Aamir to play.

Hunzla Kakar


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