Govt closely monitoring govt employees’ protests, Rihanna’ Twitter account: Shibli Faraz


Information minister Shibli Faraz has said the government is closely monitoring the protests by government servants at D-Chowk, Islamabad and also international pop star Rihanna’s Twitter account.

“We assure you neither will we let the protests by these spoilt clerks and peons hurt our city, nor will we let any pop star, including but not limited to, Rihanna, hurt our international image,” he said.

He did not rule out a pre-emptive strike against her on Twitter but did not commit to one either. “I think it would be premature to give a definitive answer but let’s just say all options are on the table.”

On the issue of the protest itself, he said that the government will try to resolve it once the Rihanna threat simmers down.

The Dependent
The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.


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