Paris climate goals failure ‘could cost world $600tn’

Nations' failure to fulfil the promises they made in the Paris climate agreement to make drastic emissions cuts could cost the global...

Clean energy production among top govt priorities: PM

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Tuesday that an increase in the production of clean energy was among top government’s priorities. “Production...

Finance Division clarifies news about current account deficit

Clarifying a news item on current account deficit, appeared in a section of press on December 20, it said the news does not reflect the factual position, a Finance Division press release said.

WB rescinds $250 million loan for climate change and disaster risk

Both sides were unable to reach a consensus on a new macroeconomic framework

Differences over devaluation surfaced in fiscal policy board meeting

Finance Minister asks SBP to develop information sharing mechanism on major decisions, meanwhile, government expects improvement in economy after January 2019

Pakistan lost $384m last year owing to climate change: report

BEIJING: Pakistan has suffered an economic loss of $384 million due to extreme weather events last year, according to a new climate change...

World Bank promises $200bn in 2021-25 climate cash

NEW YORK: The World Bank on Monday unveiled $200 billion in climate action investment for 2021-25, adding this amounts to a doubling of...

CCoE bars import of imported furnace oil for three months

The Power Division apprised the committee that furnace oil was being utilized to stabilize fuel supply and in the last few months it was being used by power plants rather than LNG

How Zahoor Sarwar made energy conservation his business

Research Teck is focused on helping other businesses with their productivity enhancement and energy and environmental impact reduction needs

Govt rejects demand to extend manganese phase out plan for oil refineries

On Tuesday, the government called for the manganese phase-out plan to be implemented strictly and directed refineries to decrease its manganese content to 24 milligrams per litre of petrol within two days

Big brands pledge to turn tide on global plastic waste

UNEP has estimated that if current pollution rates continue, there will be more plastic in the sea than fish by 2050, as 8 million tonnes of bottles and waste swamp the oceans each year, killing marine life and entering the food chain

WB to help Pakistan address climate change woes

ISLAMABAD: World Bank (WB) has agreed to facilitate an international conference with the collaboration of the Ministry of Climate Change in order to attract potential...

Massive societal changes needed to meet lower global warming target world needs: U.N

At the current rate of warming, the world's temperatures would likely reach 1.5C between 2030 and 2052

Imran Khan’s bid to crowdfund $14 billion for Pakistan dam

The government’s plan is to build two facilities: the Mohmand dam in the country’s northwest, widely seen as feasible, and the much larger, troubled Diamer-Basha project in the north, first mooted in the early 2000s

Rs3.9bn received in dams fund

SBP issues the list of top 10 donors ISLAMABAD: The Prime Minister and Chief Justice of Pakistan Dams Fund has so far received a total...