CSS officers confused why someone who is already social media sensation wants to become CSS officer

Young officers of various services within the umbrella Central Superior Services expressed wonder at social media sensation Dananeer Mobeen’s stated intention to become a CSS officer.


“I really have no idea where she’s going with this,” said Shafaq Cheema, (@cheemzoo) of the Pakistan Administrative Service, currently serving as an Assistant Commissioner in Murree. “I mean the route which we are taking leads to us being in her position. She wants to take this route to….be in her position? What gives?”

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“The problem here is,” said Assistant Superintendent Police, Layyah, Haroon Khattak, (@HisCopship) “the youth’s lack of direction. Here she is, blessed with social media numbers that our colleagues and I would kill for. And she wants to become….an officer? There need to be more and more awareness programs to guide the youth. So that they don’t waste the opportunities that they are given.”


“Urgh, if I had her numbers and clout,” said Tasneem Faiq (@TasManiac), Foreign Service Assistant Director, ASEAN Desk, Foreign Office. “I would quit in a jiffy and focus on my true passion: being a motivational speaker. And a fashion blogger.”

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The Dependent
The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.
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