Lock-down in parts of Islamabad because of intensification of virus

Large parts of Islamabad are under lockdown as the virus is following its annual rise in intensity.


A number of sub-sectors have been shut down in response to the intensification of the virus and thought the lockdowns are set to be temporary and only around for a little over a week, analysts say one can never tell in a country like Pakistan.


“Yes, end of March, early September and, of late, mid-August, are peak timings for the virus,” said an expert on the condition of anonymity. “But basically, this is a virus and doesn’t understand human concepts like months. It is around for the entire year.”


“Yes, this is routine activity, that we do every time,” said Islamabad Deputy Commissioner, speaking to The Dependent. “Do not make a big deal out of this because we don’t want to hurt the virus’s feelings.”


“I am currently suffering from COVID-19 and that is enough, thank you. Now don’t ask me any questions.”


The Dependent
The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.

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