Lieutenant Fakhar Zaman’s performance reaffirms excellence of Armed Forces and Pakistan Navy: Imran

ISLAMABAD – Congratulating Fakhar Zaman on his breathtaking innings in the second ODI against South Africa on Sunday, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the left-handed opener’s 193 off 155 balls reaffirmed the excellence of Pakistan’s Armed Forces and Pakistan Navy.

“All the credit goes to Pakistan Army and Navy for Lieutenant Fakhar Zaman’s world class innings. In fact all the credit for anything good that the Pakistan cricket team, or any other sports team, or any other group in any other field might be doing, goes to the Armed Forces,” the PM said in an address to the nation aired immediately after Fakhar Zaman got run out for 193, the highest ever ODI score batting second.

“Yes, it is all due to the Armed Forces that we are doing something good anywhere. This nation doesn’t have a history of producing great cricketers. Therefore, credit goes to others who are investing all they have in making this nation truly great,” the PM added.

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While congratulating Fakhar Zaman again, the premier further said that the Pakistan cricket team and the followers of cricket across the nation to stand up and upload the achievements of those behind all achievements of the nation.

“From politics to show business to cricket — sometimes overlapping at the same place — all is being run by the Armed Forces. So let’s stand up and salute them, and express our gratitude, as a nation,” the PM said.

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.


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