Pegasus Leaks: Mossad agents confused why all Imran Khan’s search history is ‘Imran Khan hot pics’

Israel spy agency Mossad’s Pakistan expert agents expressed confusion on Tuesday at why all of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s searches on his cell phone were on the lines of ‘Imran Khan hot pics.


“I mean, yes, we always knew he was in love with himself, but….” trailed of Ari Goldberg, head of the South Asia Cell at Mossad Headquarters in Tel Aviv. “I guess I just….”

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‘Imran Khan hot pics’ was only the most searched item, at 64 percent of all searches. Other searches were ‘Imran Khan cute’,’Imran ladies man’, ‘Imran Khan smile’, ‘Imran Anita Ayub clip’,’Imran Khan Nazia Hassan clip’, ‘Ian Botham still married?’ ‘Ian Botham relationship rumours’, ‘Ertugrul sword eBay’,’Amazon Books How To Win Friends and Influence People’,Readings Books Lahore Haan, aap kar saktey hain by Qaiser Abbas’ among others.


“Listen, we are no strangers to narcissists,” said Goldberg. “Bibi (former Israel Prime Minister) could not get an erection without looking at a photo of himself but this fellow has taken the cake.”


“Look up some porn like a normal dude, for f**c’s sake” he added.


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The Dependent
The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.


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