‘793@£@/£bhs,’ tweet Orya Maqbool, Moeed Pirzada, Maleeha Hashmey and 56 others after intern drops cup on keyboard

A total of 59 prominent and smaller twitter accounts tweeted ‘793@£@/£bhs’ after an intern accidentally dropped his cup of tea over his keyboard.


“Oh shit,” said the intern after the full cup of tea bounced off his keyboard and shattered on the ground beneath the desk.

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Immediately, the twitter accounts tweeted ‘793@£@/£bhs’ in unison.


Though some twitter followers of theirs replied, asking what the cryptic message read, these were outnumbered by the followers who tweeted ‘well said’ and similar messages.


“What does liberal mafia and ganjoo gang have to say in response to this,” asked one twitter account @proudpak47948 as a quote tweet.


Meanwhile, the intern expressed his dismay at how long the janitor was taking in cleaning the mess from the floor and also how long IT department was taking in getting a replacement keyboard.


“Come on, come on,” he said. “I’ve got work to do.”


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The Dependent
The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.
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