PPP ready to be opposition to govt after being successful opposition to opposition: Bilawal

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari on Friday met Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman vowing that the PPP was now ready to play its part as the opposition to the government.

The PPP chairman conveyed to the PDM chief that he now felt especially equipped with regards to taking the government to the task.

“As you would know so well, maulana saheb, much of the focus of the PPP in recent month was to party prove that it can be a much better opposition to the opposition than the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf,” Bilawal told Fazl, sources privy to the meeting have informed The Dependent.

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Bilawal confessed that he was hoping, and still does in large part, that it would be his party’s turn to benefit from the kindness and justness of the selectors.

“Yes, we are all looking for that in our own ways, and we are all hoping for that,” Fazl said, in response to Bilawal.

“But as I have said all along, and with so much experience to back this: let’s first get the current selected lot out of the way, and then we can all compete to be the next to be selected,” he added.

“And of course for the PPP and the JUI-F [Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Fazl] it could even mean just being selected in our select spheres of influence.”

The development comes months after the PPP and the PDM had parted ways, largely over breaking the queue within the opposition alliance, when it comes to wooing the selectors. In March, the PPP chief had even sent an encrypted message to the chief selector.

“Given that the adjudication is based on who can oppose anyone opposing the selectors, I feel the party, and indeed myself as its chair, has done a commendable job in recent months to fulfill the criteria,” Bilawal said in the encrypted message, a decoded copy of which is available exclusively with The Dependent.

“Yes, we all saw that the PTI has been a very vocal opposition to the opposition, but we all know that they’re more words than actions. Needless to say the PPP has done more to cause actual damage to the opposition than the PTI, while at the same time, offering the best of trash talk as well,” the message added.

“But yes the point is that we can walk the talk, talk the walk, talk the talk, and walk the walk — we can say all that needs to be said to the opposition, you of course are already managing everything that needs to be done,” it further read.

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The Dependent
The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.
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