Civil-military leadership urged to work towards two-state solution with Islamabad as capital

ISLAMABAD: The nation’s military and civilian leadership was urged on Monday to resolve their differences and work towards the two-state solution that was agreed upon for a long time.

“We know that the dispute is decades upon decades old and that certain grudges are going to be difficult to overcome,” said Dr Riffat Hussain, speaking at a seminar in Islamabad. “But both sides are going to have to step up and concede just a little bit.”

“One side is going to have to stop its disproportionate responses to the other side’s futile attempts at resistance,” he said.

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“Similarly, the other side had to admit that though their claims of having their legitimate rights usurped might have some merit, they should still make peace with the way of the world now.”

“One side should agree to the pre-1999 borders and desist from its incessant encroachments into the other side’s territory,” he continued.

“And the other side should stop suicide attacks like giving statements out of political science textbooks and then getting fired from the cabinet.”

“Traditionally, one side has had the support of the US,” he said. “And though this support falls from time to time, it will certainly come back whenever push comes to shove. We would, therefore, also like to urge the US to behave responsibly in this scenario.”

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.


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