Country’s weekly inflation decreases by 0.63pc

According to data released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, the Weekly SPI for the combined group decreased by 0.63 per cent compared to the to previous week (Aug 16, 2018) and increased by 2.60 per cent comparedthe to corresponding period from last year (Aug 30, 2017).

Of the 53 items monitored the average prices of 15 items registered an increase, 11 decreased while 27 remained unchanged.

SPI for the lowest income group fell by 0.63 per cent over the index published on August 16, 2018, while compared to the corresponding period of last year, SPI for lowest income group increased by 1.60 per cent, which is the lowest increase on a year on year basis compared to other income groups. On a year on year basis, the largest increase in SPI has been for the highest income group (above Rs. 35000) of about 3.42 per cent.

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