Govt approves formation of 25-member national tourism coordination board

  • Pakistan Tourism Development Coordination will be reorganised and PTDC’s Rs200bn worth properties will be transferred to provinces

ISLAMABAD: The government on Monday approved the formation of a 25-member National Tourism Coordination Board (NTCB) for the promotion of tourism in the country.

The decision, taken during the meeting of the Tourism Task Force chaired by Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan, was aimed at promoting tourism, enhancing coordination between federation and provinces, formulating provincial regulatory framework, and highlighting other objectives including the promotion of the country’s tourism at an international level.

The 25-member NTCB would comprise representatives from federal ministries, provincial departments and people from the private sector tourism industry.

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The meeting was attended by Minister for Information and Broadcasting Chaudhry Fawad Hussain, Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination Dr Fehmida Mirza, Special Assistant to PM Iftikhar Durrani, PM’s Advisor on Overseas Pakistanis Zulfiqar Bukhari, provincial ministers and members of the task force.

Further, it was decided that the Pakistan Tourism Development Coordination (PTDC) would be reorganised and Rs200 billion properties of PTDC would be transferred to the provinces. PTDC would serve as the NTCB secretariat.

The meeting also decided to constitute special working groups on religious tourism, adventure tourism, cultural, historic and archaeological tourism, Trans-Himalaya Jeep Rally Group, infrastructure and facilitation, regulatory and policy reforms, investment and tourism branding.

The prime minister was briefed about the progress achieved in the area of tourism so far and was informed that work on the creation of 20 new tourism sites in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) was also in progress.

He was also briefed about the progress on turning Bala Hissar Fort in Peshawar into a tourism site.

The prime minister said that Bala Hissar Fort should be converted into a centre of tourist activities.

He said that arrangement for the commercial use of 800 and 157 rest houses in Punjab and KP should be finalised as soon as possible, adding that eco-tourism should be given special attention.

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  1. Main task should be development of infrastructure/ facilities for the tourists.All say 1000 rest houses be leased out to private sector to promote tourism under corporate set up. Turkey, Malaysia tourism industry should be studied and followed in right earnest., that how do they do? Mere formulation of board, holding meetings wont serve the real purpose.

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