Govt shortlists HSBC UK employee for FBR’s CIO position

The UK-based tech expert, who is likely to be appointed as FBR's chief info officer for three years, will be given the task to automate Pakistan's tax collection system

ISLAMABAD: The Federal government has shortlisted a UK-based Pakistani for the position of Chief Information Officer (CIO) in the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), it was learnt on Monday.

Sources said that Adviser to Prime Minister on Austerity and Institutional Reforms Dr Isharat Hussain and his team, after conducting interviews of candidates for the position of FBR CIO, has shortlisted a candidate who is currently working in HSBC UK, overseeing its technology department.

As per sources, the government would hire him for three years and he would be given the task to automate FBR’s income tax and customs system.

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Presently, there is a massive revenue leakage in the FBR system, especially on the customs side, and the government is seriously considering to fill this gap, sources said, adding that the green channel facility also failed to stop billions of rupees leakage.

Besides, sources said, the World Bank has also committed the government in ‘Pakistan Raises Revenue’ programme that they will give $80million out of $400million for automation in FBR.

Sources said that the shortlisted candidate has complete command over technology, but in the FBR system, a person cannot be successful until or unless he has an understanding of the board’s complex tax structure.

Former FBR chairman Shabbar Zaidi knew all the nitty-gritty of the tax system but he was not technologically apt, which was why he could not succeed in removing the bottlenecks.

Sources said the UK-based candidate might also be given the additional charge of CEO Pakistan Revenue Automation (Pvt) Ltd.

The FBR chairman did not respond to Profit’s queries in this regard.

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  1. Whatever the source the selected person is not going to be successful and once again a wrong choice. Chairman is a very seasoned person and knows his job well.I wonder how Dr.Sb selected this individual. Technology alone is not the solution for FBR but understanding the business of FBR which is a big issue. Technology will only enable processes to be made efficient.Chairman and his team.should have been given the assignment to choose someone who knows the Tax system and has knowledge of Technology.Sorry once again a bad decision..

  2. Revenue leakages is because of the corrupt FBR personnel since independence.

    Government lost trillions because of corruption and bribery. Furthermore, nothing will change and the person from HSBC will go back a disappointed traumatized person. Why did Shabbar Zaidi leave.

  3. Zafar Iqba Siddiqui has well said. He knows core issue of fbr automation and of course he is poineer and founder who started automation in fbr when its automation was at zero level. His knowledge and experience has the well worth for fbr, if fbr is really interested in successful automation of fbr.

  4. Why do taxpayers conceal income and don’t declare business results correctly.Why do they need to pay bribes to clear themselves.

  5. Automation will reflect whatever is fed in the system.we need to change còrrupt mindset and a system to verify invoices instantĺy before finalization of consignments.

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