Dew, PUBG collaboration takes gaming to next level

Mountain Dew recently dropped the hottest collaboration in Pakistani e-sports history.

“Get your #DewKaSquad ready because Dew has marked their territory in popular mobile game PUBG. The #DewXPUBG partnership means there is exclusive in-game loot up for grabs, from Dew themed parachutes to Battle Points and other merch! And the best part? Anyone with a smartphone can be part of the action,” a statement issued by the company read.

The collaboration was announced on 22nd September with an action-fueled ad that showed intense gameplay and featured the exclusive Dew fueling stations within the game. Players have to collect a certain number of Dew cans to get the prizes on offer…what better incentive to get back to PUBG, or even start playing, if you haven’t dabbled in it yet?

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“So, grab a Dew and your phone and boot up PUBG because Mountain Dew is creating a permanent space for Pakistani E-Sports champions.”

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