Hasina thanks Imran for not giving Independence Day felicitations in person

DHAKA/ISLAMABAD: Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wajid has thanked Pakistan premier Imran Khan for his Independence Day felicitation message, expressing especial gratitude that PM Khan was courteous enough not to deliver the message in person.

“Thank you for not coming yourself to deliver the felicitation message. Thank you for maintaining a social distance of 2,200 kilometres. Thank you for following your own Standard Operating Procedures,” PM Hasina said during her address at the Independence Day event at Dhaka, after PM Imran’s message was read to the audience.

PM Hasina further lauded the Pakistani premier for a deep understanding of his message to Bangladesh, in the light of recent developments.

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“PM Khan, you say we should ‘fortify our existing bounds’, ‘jointly work’ and get ‘even closer’ knowing fully well that Pakistan and Bangladesh can do all these things maintaining a safe physical distance, wearing masks, avoiding in-house gatherings, and strictly adhering to these rules in anyone is affected with covid-19,” she said.

The Bangladeshi premier also appreciated her Pakistani counterpart for setting a benchmark for progressive diplomacy, which she said was much needed in the region.

“I see even as you prefer to infect your own cabinet ministers, you uphold admirable diplomatic values, by choosing not to infect anyone in Bangladesh,” she maintained.

“Not sending covid-19 particles our way is a heartfelt gift for our nation on the 50th anniversary of our independence.”

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.
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