Banned terror group to be treated as banned terror group if it continues to act like banned terror group

WRITABAD: The government has informed a banned terrorist outfit it would be treated as a banned terrorist outfit if it continues to act like a banned terrorist outfit.

Not mincing its words and making its stand loud and clear that there would be no compromise on the writ of the state, the government that had declared the banned terrorist group a ‘banned terrorist group’ six months ago, has reminded that the outfit would be treated as per its designation if it continues to act in accordance with its designation.

In the official announcement on Wednesday, the government warned the group not to entangle the state in semantics, because the government has that base covered as well.

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“Unfortunately we had declared the group a terrorist group in April, but had failed to declare it a militant group. We hereby confirm that this is a banned terrorist militant group, and we will not allow anyone to think that this is just a harmless banned terrorist group,” read the official statement released by the Prime Minister’s Office.

Even so, despite the PM Office’s statement, experts are still divided on whether or not the banned terrorist group should be treated as a banned terrorist group.

“Just because it looks like a banned terrorist group, threatens like a banned terrorist group, kills like a banned terrorist group, and has been declared a banned terrorist group, it does not mean that you treat it like a banned terrorist group,” commented a retired engineer of banned terrorist groups.

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.
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