Motorcycle tubeless tyres aimed to facilitate lower, middle class: GT

ISLAMABAD: General Tyre tubeless tyres have been aimed to facilitate middle income and poor lower-middle class at an affordable price. These tyres also help resolve the issue of the sale of low quality, counterfeit un-branded substandard tyres & tubes which are on the rise in small cities across the country.

The spokesperson of General Tyre said this in a statement showing concerns over the media reports of the sale of counterfeit and substandard tyres & tubes in the market.

He also added that now with the introduction of motorcycle tubeless tyre the problem of immediate puncturing has been solved. Due to its special compound, building process and imported alloy rim, air remains inside the tyre for a longer period than in a tube type tyre.

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Moreover, motorcycle tubeless tyres have many benefits including easy maintenance and longer tyre life. Above all the tyre does not get punctured immediately which ensure safe driving at night with family and that is the common problem of motorcyclists. While in a tube type tyre a single penetration pierces the tube and air escapes immediately. In such a situation the only thing the bikers can do is to take the bike to any puncture shop nearby to fix the puncture.

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