Sept 30 last date to file income tax returns, says FBR

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has announced that the last date of filing income tax returns for the year 2020-21 will be September 30.

FBR Spokesperson Nadeem Hussain on Wednesday announced the launch of a tax filing mobile phone application which would make the entire process simple for filers.

“Tax filers will be able to submit their returns using its newly launched user-friendly mobile application,” he said.

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The app also features a new and simplified tax return form to facilitate filers to file their returns with ease. “You will feel it very easy to use it and file income tax returns,” said FBR Inland Revenue Member Ch Muhammad Tarique.

He said the board also intends to launch an awareness campaign to educate people as well as its own staff on how to use the application, adding that it would also consider attaching a help guide with the application to help consumers resolve issues on their own.

To a question, he said that there was a minimal possibility of data theft from the FBR system.

He said that the FBR could allow a third party to make applications through which consumers could file tax returns, adding that around three consultants have approached the bureau to develop the application through which the tax returns could be filed in the IRIs system of FBR.

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    • the desktop computer based one which we use for so many years is more familiar and easily usable. This new smartphone app is still having bugs or glitches and it will take some time for old desktop users to master its working. I tried but failed and had to use the desktop computer on in the end.

      • To promote the Income Tax Returns culture, the government should make sure that at the end of the fiscal year, the Tax Payer should get all the promised Rebates and Adjustable Taxes back to his or her Bank Accounts. All the developed nations having vibrant Tax Collection system, provide Health, Education and Security to the Tax Payers, moreover at the end of the fiscal year, adjustable Tax is paid/returned to the Tax Payer.
        In Pakistan, Tax is collected only as an obligation on the citizens and then noone is responsible for tiny things like Man-Holes, Waste-Management, or Social Security. What could one expect more from the government, and how the government could expect from citizens to become responsible Tax Payers without any facility or provisions.

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