“Covid-19 can spread through aerosols and Indian nazar,” says PCB medical team


Flanked by doctors from the Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) medical panel and PCB Chairman Ehsan Mani, CEO of the PCB Wasim Khan revealed new research conducted by the cricket board that has shown that the coronavirus can spread through both aerosols and Indian nazar. 

“The proof we have is irrefutable. It is clear as day. Yes, we are aware that the coronavirus spreads through aerosols and there have been breaches in team hotels, but can you see these aerosols?” asked the PCB CEO. 

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“I ask you, is there any photographic evidence of aerosols exiting a players mouth and traveling and being breathed in by another player? And even if there was, you can’t see the coronavirus, can you? What you can see proof of is Indian nazarain.”

Wasim Khan then went on to share with the media a number of printed out screenshots of Indians commenting on the official pages of the Pakistan Super League. One of the comments read, “Stupid league. IPL is so much better and not poor. Hope you all get corona.” Many of the other comments and tweets were of a similar nature. 

“Now add these comments to the fact that the cases started popping up the very day after Dayle Steyn said that the PSL is better than the IPL, and what do we get?” said Khan. “That’s right, incontrovertible proof that Covid-19 was spread in the PSL through Indian nazar.” 

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The Dependent
The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.


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