My older high kitchen expense records prove that inflation was greater during Nawaz govt, says Imran

Finally responding to the set of explosive revelations by former PTI presidential candidate Justice (retd) Wajihuddin about party benefactors paying for Imran Khan’s house expenses, the Prime Minister said that the revelations clearly prove that prices were sky high during the previous regime.

“If kitchen expenses are this high, one can only surmise what the general cost of living in the country would be,” he said, while speaking to a meeting of his benefactors. “After taking over, the government stepped in and took a considerable pressure off your shoulders.”

“I remember back then, that despite the dollar being much lower than it is now, the people, you people, had to bear the brunt,” he said. “But now the government has stepped in. The Prime Minister’s Office itself. To take care of some of that kharcha paani. This is a government that truly cares about you.”

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“Give me your watch,” said the PM at the end of the meeting to party member Faisal Vawda.

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The Dependent
The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.
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