Safi’s interview of IED goes on air Saturday

Senior journalist, anchor and author of acclaimed titles such as “Keeping It Nasal: How You’re Meant To Sound”, Salim Saafi, is all set to deliver another ‘bombshell’ interview, this time with an IED (Improvised Explosive Device).

“Honestly, it was a no brainer from a strictly PR perspective. If you’re in the business of needlessly murdering innocent civilians and security personnel in cold blood while ensuring maximum collateral damage, you have to get some ‘Jirga’ airtime”, explained the IED when asked why it had pushed for a Saafiinterview.

Saafi, who has previously given airtime to the likes of Ehsanullah Ehsan, famous for masterminding the slaughter of 134 school children and more recently interviewed alleged encounter specialist Rao Anwar said he was “excited and looking forward” to having an IED on his show to truly take a deep dive into its life’s journey from a simple set of materials to a limb obliterating killing tool.

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At press time, the IED in question had reportedly blown up in Quetta killing four security personnel. A producer at Saafi’sshow ‘Jirga’ however confirmed that another IED had already been lined up precisely for such a last minute hiccups.

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.


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