Is Pakistan/Sri Lanka the next Sri Lanka/Pakistan, worried citizens of Pakistan/Sri Lanka ask

The increasingly worried citizens of Pakistan/Sri Lanka are concerned that their beloved countries might soon follow the path that neighbouring Sri Lanka/Pakistan have taken.

“Everyday I wake up with the fear that Pakistan might default on its sovereign debts like Sri Lanka,” said Saleem Zaidi, a senior marketing executive at a multinational company in Karachi. “Will that be our fate?”

“Everyday I wake up with the fear that Sri Lanka, because of our dire economic circumstances, is going to become some sort of a rentier sepoy state for international powers,” said Asanka Bandara, a senior marketing executive at a multinational company in Colombo. “Will that be our fate?”

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“Seriously, every time I fill up my tank, I think, what if there just isn’t enough petrol soon, much like Sri Lanka,” said local Lahori businessman Sajid Butt.

“I’m just dreading bailouts and slimy superpowers like the US and China offering us money like some sort of cruel village moneylenders as things between them start heating up,” said local businessman Hanke de Silva. “An unsustainable war economy instead of  our once-thriving tourism and agricultural exports.”

“Three-hour queues at petrol pumps…ugh…,” grimaced Rashid Khattak, a Peshawar-based journalist.

“Only 60% literacy…..ugh,” said Chaminda Tessera, one of the 92.8% literate Sri Lankans, while reading a newspaper.

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The Dependent
The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.


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