Don’t care who new army chief is as long as he is unprofessional: ex-servicemen body

Coming down harshly against the sea of speculation about the appointment of the next army chief, the Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Society (PESS) has said that they do not care about who is appointed as long as he is unprofessional.

“Anyone senior enough to be considered for the prestigious position has obviously been filtered through the competitive system and is, therefore, quite unprofessional,” said Lieutenant General (retd.) Tariq Khan. “As long as we have a person who does not know his place, I think we can all be happy.”

“Yes,” said Major General Bashir “Bash” Chaudhry in agreement. “The system, it just works. We will always have someone like that on top, even if it is a supposed weakest link.”

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“Yes, it’s not a perfect system; it can be infiltrated from outside, corrupting the minds of some of our young officers,” said Brigadier (retd) Saleem “Chooza” Ahmed, referring to the recent controversy about copies of the 1973 constitution recovered from the possession of some Major level officers, resulting in their court martial. “But we weed them out promptly.”

“On the inside, all officers, senior or junior, serving or retired, are just like the cadets at the day of the passing out. We all remember the oath we took in the mess hall of violating the oath we took during the passing out ceremony one hour ago.”

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.


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