Students at Aitchison will be taught same curriculum as students of ghost schools, Muraad maintains

Coming down strongly on the reported attempts at non-compliance with the Single National Curriculum (SNC) by Aitchison College, the Punjab Minister for Education Murad Raas has said that the elite students at the institution will be taught the exact same curriculum as that being taught to the ghost students at the ghost schools across the province.


“Aitchison is only one school, whereas the ghost schools in our province are more than 12 thousand,” he said. “I want for it to be known that the needs of the many, even if they are poor and non-existent, are to be catered to more than the needs of the elite.”

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“We need to stop listening to the out-of-touch elite and maybe listen to the salt-of-the-earth, wired-in elite, like myself,” he said.  “Take my example. I myself am Aitchison-educated but talk as if I have been educated at a ghost school.”


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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.


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